Modern stars of bicycle races

Primoz Roglic, Chris Frum, Wout van Art, Alejandro Valverde and many others. Their racing characteristics differ, but they behave in much the same way, both on the course and after the finish when they give out interviews. Calm guys who praise their teammates and speak respectfully about their opponents.

This is correct, but it is also very boring. One gets the feeling that the riders, like some kind of programmed robots, say and do the same thing. It’s hard to blame them themselves, many of them cannot express their thoughts more openly due to the fact that the teams have sponsors who do not need the negative press because of the frills of the riders. For this reason, we get formulaic interviews, cautious statements and boredom.

People always want to get something hot, to discuss a scandal or a sensation. Such is our nature. The press services of the teams and the riders themselves are trying not to stand out, and in this regard, cycling has lacked bright characters in recent years.

Why Remco is more interesting than the rest riders

At the turn of the century, Lance Armstrong was very popular. He was the perfect star for cycling. An American (meaning a big market and sponsors) with a beautiful life story, who wins a lot and never climbs into his pocket with a word – tough and direct.
After a while, Armstrong’s place was taken by Peter Sagan. He did not reach the level of popularity and stardom of an American, not only because he did not win the overall standings of the Tour de France, but also because he does not represent the most cycling country with a small population.

Now the place of the most popular and attractive racer for sponsors is free. Sagan is still performing, but it looks like he has passed the peak of his fame. Sagan’s place can be taken by one of the young riders. Main candidates: Mathieu van der Pool, Wout van Art, Egan Bernal, Tadej Pogacar, Mark Hirschi and Remko Evenepul.

Almost all of them race in a flamboyant and aggressive style, they often win, but only Remco Evenepool has everything to become the main star of cycling. The young Belgian is more emotional – some love him, some hate him.

The face of cycling future – Remco Evenepool

It is Remco Evenepul who should become the main face of cycling. There are many prerequisites for this – he is active in social networks, sharp in his statements, bright at a distance. Is he suitable for this role? Good. Yes, he is not perfect, but the public has never needed the right heroes.

Cycling is not Gotham City, but it needs its own controversial hero to save everyone from boredom. Remco Evenepool is not Batman, but he is quite suitable for the role of the new hero of cycling. The new cycling leader will benefit the entire industry, which clearly lacks bright personalities that cause a bureau of emotions in the public.