Best roads for mountain biking

Here are the collection of the best roads for mountain biking. Study them and choose what iis the best for you to try!

Passo dello Stelvio. Peak height – 2758 meters

Passo dello Stelvio is tallest paved pass in Eastern Alps. Whenever highland was included inGiro race course , it became Cima Coppi – tallest mountain.

Stelvio is situated on border of provinces of South Tyrol and part of Sondrio, frontier with Switzerland is only 200 meters away. Just above Stelvio there is highland, which is named ‚Äúpick of 3 languages’ ‘, where the frontier of 3 states are tightly adjacent to each other.
The Passo dello Stelvio joins Valtellina valley with Funkschau valley and city of Merano. You can climb up from Prato and Bormio (southwest ). From side of Prato, ascent to summit takes 24.3 km, and side of Bormio – 21.5 km. Stelvio is famous for its famous hairpin turns; there are 75 , 48 of which are on the northeast side.

Passo di Gavia. Peak height – 2621 meters

Not far from Stelvio there is another very high cycling pass, which is important for cycling from a historical point of view. This is Passo di Gavia. Passo di Gavia is located in Lombardy and shares region of Sondrio with region of Brescia. The peak of pass is at an altitude of 2621 meters, 137 meters below Stelvio.

You can climb Gavia from 2 sides – from Ponte di Legno and from Bormio. Side of Ponte di Legno, ascent is noticeably shorter, but harder in gradients – 17.3 km; 7.9%. Bormio, the climb to the top is as much as 25.6 km, but the gradients are gentle – 5.5%.
In the Giro cycling route, Passo di Gavia appeared only 10 times, it was never used as a finish location, the peak is simply not suitable for this.

Monte Zoncolan. Peak height – 1730 meters

Finishing with Italian climbs, we have a mountain that most cycling riders consider the most difficult on the grand tours. It will also be the newest, men climbed it for the first time as part of a professional race only in the 21st century.
Monte Zoncolan is located in Carnic Alps, in province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia region). Mountain is situated far from Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo, so it has never been involved with them at the same stage.

Surprisingly, for 1 time, Zonkolan appeared not atmen’s Giro cycling tour, but at women’s. It happened at the 10th stage in 1997. The girls ascended from the side of Sutrio, the stage at the top was won by Fabiana Luperini, a five-time cycling winner of the overall standings.

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