The main goal of every team in a bicycle race

It seems that this rather stupid question has an obvious answer – this is, of course, a victory. But not everything is so simple. All bicycle clubs differ greatly in terms of budgets, the level of riders, the qualifications of the staff, and a good dozen other characteristics. And in an ideal world, of course, everyone would like to win, but in real life, clubs still try to set goals that represent a balance of their own ambitions and capabilities.

You should always keep in mind that races and super races are like a long game of chess, in which you need to take into account the condition of the riders and the route of the race. That is, depending on the condition of the riders, goals and strategies may change.

What is a bicycle team? How many people are in it?

A bicycle team is a complex organism that can be divided into two large parts:

  1. competitive core (cyclists and sports directors);
  2. managerial and service personnel (managers, press service, mechanics, cooks, doctors, planting and physiological testing specialists, etc.).

The total number of people in the club varies and depends on the capabilities and goals of the bicycle team. The biggest bicycle teams can afford to maintain several combat bicycle teams and compete simultaneously in several races in different parts of the world. The composition for each race is selected depending on the profile and length of the track, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the riders and their specialization.

Each composition is formed specifically for the race, in order to win as many places as possible on the podium or close to it. As we already know, there are flat and mountain races. Accordingly, the compositions should be sharpened either for one or for another specialization. For example, the composition of the Lotto-Soudal bicycle team for the upcoming Tour de France can be called a sprint, that is, the accelerating train and the protagonist of this whole process is pure sprinter Andre Greipel. The composition of the SKY bicycle team can be called the opposite in terms of specialization, it consists of the strongest miners who will help their leader Chris Frum.

Types of riders and their features?

Let’s take the easy route and start off with the established images of runners first. Marathon runners are lean, wiry and incredibly hardy guys. And sprinters are huge, with a bunch of muscles and are able to produce incredible power for a short period of time. In cycling, the picture is about the same, but with its own nuances. Body type and muscle structure play a major role in choosing a cyclist’s specialization.

What should you know to become a bicycle expert ?

Bicycling is an eventful form of entertainment, so you should follow the latest news and learn more about sportsmen.